Q&A with Sue Win

Have you met Sue Win, yet? She’s new(er) to our Independence team. Sue is account executive for our home health service line and has been in the industry for about six years with an extensive background in healthcare that goes back 30 years. 

We caught up with her for a round of Q&A to learn more about her, and her perspective on the industry. Here’s what she shared. 

Sue Win, account executive for Absolute Home Health in Independence/Cleveland.

Sue Win, account executive for Absolute Home Health in Independence/Cleveland.

Q: Why is home health so important to health care today? 

A: Allowing a patient to recuperate in their home, and around their family is preferred by most – it’s understandable why. There’s a level of relaxation in being in your own surroundings that cannot be duplicated in other settings. The procedures that nurses and therapy teams are able to do in the home allows for state-of-the-art care to occur in any room inside of a house. Home Health is important to the industry because it can prevent re-hospitalizations, and reduce cost. 

Q: What are some common myths or misconceptions about home care? 

A: A common myth that some clients believe is that we’re going to be in the home all day providing private duty or personal care services. I also see that there’s a misconception that home health care is ONLY personal care services when we know that it’s inclusive of skilled care by a nurse and/or a therapy team. Nonetheless, when the public hear about the service, they tend to think about housekeeping and errand running, and that’s not the full picture. 

Q: What are some rewarding aspects of this service? 

A: It’s so rewarding to provide a high level of care inside the home. I’m often met with, “Oh my gosh, you can help me at home and insurance will pay for it?” They’re blown away, and they appreciate us more for it. 

Q: What has home health taught you? 

A: Home health has taught me about life, and the social sciences because you meet many people from different backgrounds. I’ve become an advocate for great care - no matter where our clients are from. Whether in the suburbs or a rough area of town – everyone is worthy of excellent care. 

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