Board Members

Gerald Schroer, Jr., Member

Sue Grabowski, Member

Mike McConnell, Liaison


Final Wishes - My Heart's Desire

People facing the end of life still have dreams, plans and unfinished business. My Heart’s Desire helps them achieve it. We arrange the fulfillment of their wishes. From attending a sporting event to a final visit with a relative — anything from setting up a simple phone call to a day-long excursion.

Funeral Grants - Burdens Alleviated

The Absolute Foundation funeral grant addresses the financial burden associated with funeral costs. Join us in providing a measure of peace to families so they can focus on the memory and legacy of their loved one.

The Absolute Hospice Foundation

We're a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that exists to help ease the financial burden for those in the final season of life. We provide grants, hospice care education, volunteer resources, and information about community-based support available to patients with life-limiting illnesses, their families, and loved ones.

The foundation grew from the families we serve through Absolute Hospice. Many wanted to give back so other people in the local community could experience restored dignity during this crucial time of their lives. The Absolute Hospice Foundation was created to help fulfill this need.