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Patient & Family Volunteer

Work with the patient and family directly to provide companionship and enhance their quality of life.


Patient & Family volunteers enhance the quality of life for the patients and their families. Your role will be to provide companionship, a listening ear and practical assistance for the patient. 

Duties include: Taking a general interest in the life and livelihood of the individual, their hobbies, and families. Run errands, sitting with patients to provide respite for caregivers, perform light housekeeping or yard work, and make comfort calls.  

Veteran Volunteer

Provide Veteran-to-Veteran support to patients.


Veteran Volunteers provide peer support, companionship and recognition to our patients who have served in the military.

Duties Include: Visiting veteran patients to provide companionship. Listening with an understanding ear. Participating in Pinning Ceremonies to acknowledge and express appreciation for patients’ military service.


Bereavement Volunteer

Support bereaved loved ones for the first year of bereavement services. 


Bereavement volunteers are focused on supporting bereaved loved ones for the first year of bereavement services. Follow the surviving family members as they embark on a journey of grief and healing with scheduled check-ins. 

Duties Include: Attending funerals, providing companionship visits for the bereaved, sending mailings to families, making phone calls, helping at related events. 

Pet Visit Volunteer

If you have a credentialed therapy animal, this may be the volunteer opportunity for you. 


Pet Visit volunteers and their four-legged friends are the life of the party. The fact is, Hospice pet visits are crucial to a patient’s outlook on life. When you bring your pet to visit with a hospice patient, you give them an opportunity to experience comfort and joy.

Duties include: Visiting with patients with a credentialed therapy animal. Absolute Hospice does not provide you with the animal. 

Music Volunteer

  Do you love sharing your gift of music? Transform the atmosphere with beautiful sounds.


Music volunteers bring so much joy to patients and their families. Music is a universal language that has the power to break through many barriers. We’re passionate about communicating with our patients that they’re not alone, and one of the most successful ways to do this is through music.

Duties include: Visiting with patients and sharing the gift of music through singing or playing an instrument.

Crafting Volunteer

Calling all crafters, creators and makers. If crafting is your gifting, share with our patients. 


Crafting volunteers are our creators and makers! They connect with our patients in a very special way. Homemade gifts brings joy and comfort to a patient who has entered the final stages of life.  This volunteer opportunity is a great way to work at home and still impact the life of others.

This indirect care activity is perfect for groups. (If you’d like to engage in direct care activities, you must be 18 years of age and orientation is required.)

Duties Include: Crafting, sewing and making items for our patients such as afghans, shawls, lap blankets, dignity bags, robes and night gowns, stuffed animals and memory items.