Absolute Home Health & Hospice: Rebranding Efforts 

By Mike McConnell, VP of Home Health & Hospice

Over the last few years we have made great strides at bringing a specific brand to both home health & hospice.  Branding is the ability to identify a company by the image they project. One step in this direction was setting a specific uniform color and look to our clinical team.  This same color scheme was then incorporated into our sales material and marketing efforts. Currently, everything that is now produced goes through a brand identity process to ensure it conforms with the image we are trying to project out into the community. 

As we begin to branch out into new markets and open new offices, our goal is to be known specifically in those markets as a home health & hospice provider. In order to achieve that, we are taking the next step and bringing a commonality to our company name. Absolute Skilled Home Health will become Absolute Home Health. Summit Acres Home Care will become Absolute Home Health. Our new office in Cleveland will be known as Absolute Home Health. And our larger brand will be Absolute Home Health & Hospice. 

 “Yeah-yeah, but what does that mean for me?” We’re so glad you’ve asked. It largely means that you can go on as normal with small tweaks:

  • Educate yourself on both service lines. Know what we offer. Know the counties we serve. Know the referral process. 
  • If you answer the phones, answer by saying “Thank you for calling Absolute Home Health & Hospice.”
  • Take pride in the services we provide.  We provide worthwhile services to people who need it most.