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Home Health & Hospice staff members are remarkable people.

You spend your days caring about the affairs of others. You work tirelessly with a team of people that collectively oversee and provide physical, emotional, and spiritual care to individuals who need it most. We want to get to know you better - like really know you! What or who inspires you? Why did you select this industry? What’s your hidden talent? Or, what is the coolest thing you’re working on right now?

Answer any five questions below to help us all get a feel for who you are!  

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Answer any five of the questions below so the Absolute Home Health & Hospice team can get to know you better.
You can share a personal story or a story that you've witnessed. Please be descriptive.
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This questionnaire will be accompanied with a photo of you and may appear in internal and/or external newsletters, and social media platforms. You may submit a photo to Whitney Prather, use the photo that appears on your employee name badge, or set up a time to get your headshot taken.

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